Rumor? Facebook wanting to acquire Waze!

Fb  rumor: $1 billion Waze acquisition is yet extra proof Facebook is no longer a social NETWORK…

Facebook rumors: IT’S AN AD COMMUNITY!


Fb is now a cellular promoting firm, and not a social NETWORK. Certain, you’ve heard this sooner than, but it’s a theme price repeating. That’s very true in gentle of Facebook’s rumored upcoming $1 billion acquisition of Israel-primarily based mapping and navigation firm Waze.

Without this lens, Fb’s acquisition of Waze is unnecessary. Fb doesn’t have a mapping software, and it’s no longer clear why it will wish to begin competing in that arena with the likes of Google, Microsoft’s Bing, or Apple. Apple wanted to obtain Waze at one point, However most effective as a result of it used to be having big issues with its own mapping application, and it desperately wanted Waze’s information and expertise. (Apple ended up buying get right of entry to to Waze’s knowledge, anyway.)

However here’s one thing Facebook can no doubt use: Waze’s data about where Persons Are, with the intention to target Fb’s cell merchandising. This Type Of information is so valuable to advertisers (and therefore, to Facebook) that corporations like Skyhook, probably the most few unbiased providers of such data (the others are Google and Apple, they usually’re not about to offer it up) are building services like Spotrank, aimed toward selling it to them.

Facebook rumor: Waze GPS, Traffic Navigation, Maps Guided Tour What’s Waze?

Fb rumor: Facebook Could Buy Waze for $1B


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  4. “The challenge from Android is a real one, and Google will slowly gain additional share in the tablet market that will allow developers to make more money from the Android platform, so Apple needs to further cultivate developer relationships and make the interaction with the company as frictionless as possible,” Van Baker, a Gartner analyst said.

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