Paid Traffic, serie #1

Today I will talk about Paid traffic basics. 

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This paid traffic series will continue every week, so here’s your new guide to Paid Traffic Basics. 

This is a guide that is aimed at beginners and I will show you how to get started with using paid traffic sources to drive traffic to your websites.

paid traffic can be used in many different ways including generating leads,having people sign up to your mailing list, to giveaway a free report or eBook and more. 


There are lots of different ways to construct a paid advertising campaign along with writing ads. You can use banner ads, videos and press releases in your campaigns.

While you may have heard of using Google Ads and Facebook Ads there are many other alternatives including ezine advertising and mobile advertising.

As you look further into paid traffic you will see that there is an almost endless supply of available resources to use.

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