Do You Listen to Leaders When They Recommend Books?

Do You Hearken To Leaders when they Suggest Books?

There’s A very good the reason for this is that I do Hearken To leaders, first, have a look at this amazing videos on WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO by Tony Robbins:

Do You Hearken To Leaders after they Recommend Books?

Here is the Checklist of excellent books to read!

Start With Why – “Simon Sinek”
Secrets And Techniques of the Millionaire Mind – “T. Harv Eker”
Psycho-Cybernetics – “Maxwell Maltz”
The Fiftieth Regulation – “50 Cent & Robert Inexperienced”
the best Manifestation Principle on the planet – “Carnelian Sage”
the speed of Belief – “Stephen Covey”
Approach of the Peaceable Warrior – “Dan Millman”

Listen to Leaders

Do You Hearken To Leaders?

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Listen to Leaders


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