Have you seen this Alien they found?

This Alien was once present in Chili!


The humanoid Alien was once first found out in 2003 within the far off Atacama desert area of Chile, but we didn’t research of the existence of the specimen unless 2009, when invited to look at the mother-like is still of the humanoid Alien in Barcelona Spain.

In The Summer of 2012, Ramón Navia-Osorio Villar, President of Instituto de Investigaciones y Estudios Exobiológicos graciously permitted Dr. Greer”s group to do further tests on the humanoid Alien.

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Click On RIGHT HERE for Dr. Steven Greer’s full report on the Alien being in PDF kind.

DNA Take A Look At was once achieved on the Alien:

The DNA analysis on the  alien specimen is in it’s very early degrees and incomplete. Much research remains. There Is A paradox between initial DNA checks, which are mostly computerized information bases, and the medical findings in X Rays and CAT scans, and Dr. Lachman’s conclusion that the Alien specimen is 6 years of age and only 6 inches in length. To This Point, the DNA data can’t give an explanation for these perplexing findings. While human-like Alien, it continues to signify an undefined specimen and a least a 12 months of additional genetic analysis will likely be needed through DNA specialists. The un-matched DNA  (approximately 2 million base pairs of DNA that are un-matched) will need to be in moderation explored, and To This Point this has NO LONGER been accomplished.  -Dr. Greer 

Click On HERE for Dr. Garry Nolan’s preliminary feedback – NOTICE: DNA TESTING CONTINUES AND IS NOT COMPLETE.

Click HERE for the radiographic evaluation file through Dr. Ralph Lachman from the UCLA Faculty of Medecine Departments of Radiological Sciences and Pediatrics.


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